Art for Sale

I Embrace the One

It’s the artist beginning, the initial that fuels the mind to expansion.

Size: 105 x 105


Feeling The Rhythm

The flowing lines, the freedom, the smoothness and uninhabited mindset you’re permitted when you feel the rhythm of the music. 

Size: 240 x 90 each approx

$1500 each


Text on the drawer front that was once someones personel information.

Size: 150 x 150



The contenting serenity of process and success.

Size: 122 x 114



My crows are a sealed charcoaled timber and metal. Please enquire for these inquisitive creatures.

Size: 40 x 40 approx

From $350

Paddocks of Fortune

The planting man’s wealth can be given or taken at the hand of natures decision.

Size: 116 x 80


The Warming

Our ocean, the thermometer appears so cool, hiding the truth from naive eyes.

Size: 85 x 94



My magpies are a mix of sealed charcoaled timber and cotton rope. Please enquire for these friendly beings 

Size: 40 x 40 approx

From $450

Natural As

Natures patina paints its own finish.

Size: 100 X 100


Tradies Relief

Compilation of a fridge and a toolbox..

Size: 100 x 74


Power of the Bark

Natures strength within enhances a rusting finish.

Size: 132 X 139



My pop art piece from filing cabinet drawer fronts, back then the filing cabinet was the office king.

Size: 87 x 57


Level of Vision

A trial of re-integrating steel for asthetic stimulation.

Size: 67 X 131



an abstract view to the bush and the sea from the foreshore

Size: 180 x 180 x 220 approx


The Timber Sea

The artist’s method promotes the contrasts of timber.



A fragmented world but inside we hold.


Beyond our Grasping Hand

In our lives we are always looking for the next moment.



Natural or $1550 well rusted.


Bark The Dog

He was great therapy and release for his 200 or so hours of production.

Not For Sale

Forest Edge

From decimated surroundings springs the shoots depicting our deep resilience, strength and determination, to recover from devastating bushfire.


Experimental Murder

This piece is going to be installed as part of “Sculpture at Bathers” 2020


Mystery in the Seabed

For thousands of centuries, sailors of the world have allured to mystical creatures of the sea. Was it their imagination running untamed,  hallucinations ensuing of time spent absent from the soft, perfumed comfort of the women left behind. 

What did they see?


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