I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands. After building an unusual letterbox and with some encouragement from a close friend I decided to enter some of my sculptural creations into some open art exhibitions. The first exhibition in 2013 fuelled a passion that has been hard to slow down.

My early pieces were constructed out of recycled found objects. I was always scoping out unusual or common interesting everyday items. My subconscious starting this engine in my mind, thinking and exploring for the compositions that these elements could become.

This initial interest has continued to develop my search for more creative reconfigurations of recyclable objects. There’s great satisfaction and an organic feeling about relieving the earth of potential waste.

Channelling this development as an artist has gone into areas where the relationship between what we do as humans, finds relevance in the impact that we have on our fragile surroundings.

I have endeavoured to follow my organic sense with strong connections to the earth, nature, country and repurposing. I have also become much more of an environmentalist😊

I have entered around 3 events per year since the start of my practice, but I am very keen to up the ante to at least double that within the next year.

My more recent ideas have pushed a few boundaries with the development of my metal wall canvases. My roadside canvases have renewed the lives of washing machines, filing cabinets, toolboxes, fridges, lockers, laundry troughs and numerous other kerbside pickups. Cut, welded, scratched, bashed, painted and my favourite addition – Rust, has added a natural feel to my organic abstracts. This has been a very fulfilling artistic direction as my abstract development grows. The experimental use of the earths’ natural patinas has so much more potential. The formation and unpredictability of rust excites my creative mind while the finished product still stays true to the use of up cyclable materials.

I have been complimented by some early sales and then by winning the 2019 Town of Claremont art award. This exhibition was the first event I had entered with this type of piece. This positive reinforcement has encouraged me to take my practice to a new level. The idea of the metal wall canvases has only scratched the surface as where it could be taken in terms of further creative development.

The first paragraph of this statement I mentioned working in 2013 with my hands, well by the last paragraph (2019) I have evolved into using my head and now using my heart.

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